Personalized Psychological Exams for Veterans
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Hi, I'm Dr. Drema Dial

I earned my doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. My professional associations include Texas Psychological Association, International Red Cross, Equality Texas, and the Human Rights Campaign. I have also served on the Board of Trustees for the Texas Psychological Association as well as on the board for the Wright House Wellness Center.

What I Can Do for You

If you are a veteran suffering from a disability and seeking to file a claim with the VA or an increase in your compensation, I offer 45-minute psychological exams. During the exam I will ask you questions about your mental health condition and how it affects your daily life. I will look over your records, create a write-up (Independent Medical Opinion) and write a Nexus statement for $375. At this point you are then responsible for filing a claim.

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Disability Claims

I provide write-ups and Nexus statements for the following conditions and more.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Traumatic Brain Injury

Depression/Mood Disorders

Cognitive/Memory Impairments

Online Mental Health Evaluations & Assessment For Veterans